• September 2014



  • 3DSmax
  • Photoshop
  • Unity


  • Game design
  • 3D modeling
  • Game development


We competed in and won 2015's edition of Laval Virtual Fantasy , the reference student competition in Europe in the field of Virtual Reality.

We had 30 hours straight to imagine and develop a 3D realtime application using virtual reality devices. We had to bring the project to the end, from pen and paper to C# prototyping on Unity, applying design methodologies to a VR application. The only constraint was an object which we had to include in the application: the fence.

A 3D realtime application using a Leap Motion Controller

Gizmo is a multiplayer game with asymmetrical gameplay. For Player 1, we chose to use the Leap Motion, a high-end tracking device, because it allows to get very precise hand and finger positions. Player 2 use a classic mouse.

Gizmos are little endangered creatures. Player 1’s goal is to protect them and help them complete their journey. He controls the herd and guide them through the map using the Leap Motion.

Player 2 needs to prevent the Gizmos from reaching the finish line. He can drop fences across the road to stop the Gizmos and drive the herd over cliffs.