• March 2016



  • 3DS Max
  • Unity


  • Service design
  • Game design
  • 3D Modeling

Roll Back

We competed in 2016's edition of Laval Virtual Fantasy, the reference student competition in Europe in the field of Virtual Reality. It is a competition with a free subject. We had to develop a virtual reality application. Our project was pre-selected and presented at Laval Virtual for a week.

RollBack is a training environment made for professionals such as firefighters, athletes and special forces and their coach. The aim is to help them improve their decision-making and analyzing skills in complexe environnements.

Training environment to analyze complex situations

The first interaction, « Rewind », lets you go back in time, to analyse the situation and perhaps make different choices.

The second interaction, The "Tactical Pause », allows you to analyze the current situation, while adding a new visual layer of information.

The "Coach" (a second player) provides counseling and guide the player in the environnement. He monitors the progression of the latter and can give him directions using a touch table.

The Player's devices: An Oculus Rift (Immersion into the Virtual Environment). A Head-mounted Leap Motion + a Tracked Tool (Interaction with the environment). A Mobile-Phone Gyroscope on the chest (Movement inside the environment). A Micro-headset (Oral communication with the coach).